Daily Newspaper for Indonesia

Suara Pembaruan is the daily newspaper for Indonesia, published every Monday to Saturday containing the main news stories, plus political and law, opinion and editorial, foreign news, metro news, finance & economy, art and lifestyle, sports and classified columns.

Art and Lifestyle News Art and Culture report, tourism and entertainment.

Economy News News and article macro economic, government and World News

Sports News National and international sport news, plus sports education, entertainment and innovations

Sunday Edition

The Sunday Edition as well the main report covers more features,celebrity news, film, music, people, fashion, tourism, food and dine, a short story, book reviews and education.

Readership Profile

  • 80% Male 20% Female
  • 70% Between 20 - 39 years
  • SES 60% A - B
  • Profession 26% Enterpreneur
  • Profession 34% White Collar
  • Profession 33% Blue Collar
  • Profession 5% Student
Circulation & Distribution

Suara Pembaruan circulation is 158,773 copies.

Jabotabek (Greater Jakarta) accounts for 86.98% of the circulation 138,530 copies

Advertising Rates ( in US Dollars )
Advertisement One time rate Size
Full Page Full Colour USD 22,000 540 mm high x 325 mm wide
Full Page Black & White USD 16,000 540 mm high x 325 mm wide
Half Page Full Colour USD 11,000 270 mm high x 325 mm wide
Half Page Black & White USD 8,000 270 mm high x 325 mm wide
Junior Page Full Colour USD 10,100 350 mm high x 231 mm wide
Junior Page Black & White USD 7,500 350 mm high x 231 mm wide
Quarter Page Full Colour USD 6,300 270 mm high x 184 mm wide
Quarter Page Black & White USD 4,600 270 mm high x 184 mm wide
All the rates listed above are excluding discounts and VAT 10%
Series Discounts and Technical Specifications, Column Sizes, Trim & Bleed etc.available on request

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